Spending time in college time is a lifetime experience. There are lots of activities which are done by the students with their friends such as studying together for exams, celebrating a party and many more. In addition, you are also interested in the same things when you are in college because students can enjoy formal and informal groups of people. Moreover, students also love to play top foosball tables, board games, online games for fun and enjoyment in the dorm. In most college dorms space is enough where you can play the game and also enjoy other activities. But you do not get bored because having sufficient enjoyment in playing games. There are some popular games in dorms which are discussed in the following paragraph.

1. Cards against humanity 

This is the most popular game in the dorm and students love to play this game. There are lots of fun and laughter in this game but if you do not mind the dark humor then you can enjoy it more in addition, this is the perfect game for you to play. Cards against humanity games are known as horrible games. In which there are two types of cards namely black cards, white cards. The black cards consist of questions and white cards have the answer to those questions. When a player plays this game then they take turns asking questions one by one. Moreover, this game is also described as hysterical and also good to play.

2. Code names

This is one of the easiest games to play in the dorm. Code names game can be played by two to eight players in the team. But this game needs clever thinking for winning. The maximum playing time of this game is around thirty minutes. Apart from this if you do not want to put in too much effort then codename is the best way to entertain.

3. King Domino

This is a casual game for students in the dorm. It is a board game and one of the best territory-building board games. This game has a colorful table with high-quality cardboard castles and tiles. In addition, talking about the playing, every player takes a turn around the castle. This game is won who has the best land in the kingdom. At the end of the game, ranking of the property is done and given points to the player according to the number of crowns and property.

4. Unicorns

This game is based on the army and players getting unicorn cards to make the unicorn army for playing. This game is also known for destroying friendship in a good manner. Apart from this, the biggest problem of this game is that your friend affects to stop you from winning because beating each other is the main feature of this game. Overall it makes lots of fun and enjoyment with your friends.

5. Drunk stupid and stoned

This game is played by a minimum of three players and it is the most preferable game for the students. In other words, while playing this game by the students, they create incriminating stories to generate interest and have fun to play. There is no winner and loser in this game.