What Is The Google Digital Garage Program, And How To Prepare For The Final Exam?

Google digital garage is a platform where you can see different types of free programs. This is a good initiative taken by Google to help students. There you will see different courses which will help you to enhance your skills. Also, you will get a certification from Google for completing the course. But for certification, you have to give an exam. These certification courses are so helpful for people. It can add a positive change to your resume also. 

So if you also want to enrich your knowledge, then you must enroll in this program. You don’t have to go anywhere as these are online courses, and the exams are also conducted online. If you are interested in the field of marketing, then you will also get to learn Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. You can choose the course according to your choice. If you prefer to take the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course, you will get 26 modules. 

The whole 26 modules are completed in 40 hours. You will find this course free on Google, and the best part is this course is accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. Once you complete this course, you will see a change in your knowledge regarding digital marketing. To get the certificate for this exam, you have to clear a final exam that consists of 40 questions. So now let us talk about how you can prepare for this exam.

Answer on the website

You will see a separate section on the website where you will get answers to all the questions. All these questions were asked in previous exams. So it will help you to get an idea of what kind of questions are asked in exams so that you can do your practice according to that.

Moreover, you will also see different videos to understand the answers. It would be best if you did solve all previous year’s questions. Not only for these exams but all the others that you are giving in your life. Solving previous year’s exams will help you to revise the whole syllabus in less time.

Complete the modules

Make sure that you look at complete modules. Many students have a habit of skipping video lectures when they are watching them. It is not a good habit as you might miss something important. So make sure that you have completed all 26 modules properly before giving the test. This will help you to get in-depth knowledge of subjects. 

Take notes

This is an essential thing that you should do. No matter what kind of exam you are giving or what you are studying. Don’t forget to take notes of that thing. Notes will help you to revise the things after the lecture. Sometimes you are not allowed to watch that class again. So if you get confused about some concept, then it is good to note it down. Also, you can revise everything properly before the exam. You have seen that many people always carry a pen and notebook with them. No matter how advanced technology has become, the old way is best.

Practical knowledge

Make sure whatever you are studying in the class you apply it in practical life. Practical application will help you remember something for a longer time. Also, while applying practically, you get some new things to learn. Your trainer might not teach that, or you have missed that due to some reason.


So these are some of the ways that will help you to clear your final exams. If you are interested in digital marketing, you should start doing the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course. It will help you to get in-depth knowledge about things. Also, it has a good scope in the future.

Endocrynology exam cheat sheet. What is HGH

Understanding the Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

A particular section of the society prescribes to substance, known as the human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone effectively provides a youthful vibrancy. However, the doctors don’t suggest it. It is essential to mention that the growth hormone is produced from the pituitary gland, promoting growth in children and young teens. Furthermore, it also contributes to regulating body composition, sugar and fat metabolism, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, and possibly heart function. Scientific research has found out that excess body fat directly impacts HGH levels more in men than women. But having said that, reduced body fat continues to remain critical for both genders

HGH Uses and Abuses

The human hormone growth was skillfully developed back in 1985, with FDA approval for particular improvements in children and adults. 

When it comes to children, the FDA-approved HGH injections provide the cure for short stature of unknown cause and improper growth. The reasons may include:

  • Turner’s Syndrome: This is a genetic disorder that can impact a girl’s development
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome: This is a rare genetic disorder that causes poor muscle tone, reduced sex hormonal levels, and consistent hunger
  • kidney disease
  • Inadequate HGH

When it comes to adults, the FDA approved HGH injections can be used for:

  • Short Bowel Syndrome: This is a condition where the nutrients fail quick and complete absorption. This improper absorption can happen due to severe intestinal disease or the surgical removal of a large portion of the small intestine
  • Lacking HGH since the rarity in pituitary tumors or their treatment
  • Muscle-wasting disease associated with HIV/AIDS

However, it’s essential to mention that the FDA does not approve the most regular and common practices of HGH. More and more people are using this hormone along with other performance-enhancing drugs, namely anabolic steroids. This effectively helps them to develop muscle to improve their athletic performance. Furthermore, as per the anti-aging experts, the HGH products contribute to reversing age-related bodily deterioration. This is due to the body’s HGH levels decrease gradually with age. 

What is HGH

Additionally, the regular consumers avail themselves of HGH from medical clinics for unapproved uses and online ecommerce pharmacies. Then some consumers get the growth hormone products that promise to amplify their HGH production. HGH for sale is primarily available in the form of pills and sprays. Some manufacturers are promoting their hormone products to effectively reduce fat, develop muscle, restore hair growth and color, boost the immune system, increase energy, and improve sex life. It’s essential to mention that the Federal Trade Commission is yet to find any substantial evidence to agree to any of those claims. Any first time, consuming the growth hormone orally will result in stomach digestion before absorption by the body. 

This goes without saying that much like every other vital hormone like testosterone and estrogen, having healthy growth hormone levels is beneficial. This hormone contributes to maintaining and improving the body metabolism, repairing the body cells, among other critical functions. You are best advised to consult with your doctor if you are considering buying any HGH supplement.