ACP Awards Week Day 4: Newspaper and Magazine Pacemaker

The Associated Collegiate Press is pleased to announce the last of the finalists in the 2012 Roll-Out Week.

The Magazine Pacemaker awards recognize general excellence in collegiate magazines and are divided into two categories: Feature and Literary magazines. This year, the Feature magazines were judged by The Atlantic, and the Literary magazines were judged by Graywolf Press.

View the list of Magazine Pacemaker finalists

Entries were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Content
    Was there evidence of diversity in content and approach? Was the content innovative and contemporary?
  • Quality of writing and editing
    Was there evidence that the authors were well-read, creative, original and aware of the audience? Was the writing almost or completely free of grammatical and spelling errors?
  • Photography, art and graphics
    Did the photos have strong centers of interest, sharp focus and proper contrast? Was a variety of artwork and graphics represented?
  • Layout and design
    Did the design accentuate rather than dominate the content? If color was used, did it appropriately enhance the layout? Was overall design unity evident?
  • Overall concept or theme
    Was the theme clear and carried throughout the publication? Was the concept fresh and engaging?

The ACP Newspaper Pacemaker contest has awarded general excellence in collegiate newspapers for 85 years. The 2012 Newspaper Pacemaker contest was possible because of a generous donation of time and expertise by the staff of The Sacramento Bee, who judged this year’s entries.

View the list of Newspaper Pacemaker finalists

Entries were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Coverage and content
    Were all aspects of student life covered (academics/sports/clubs/local news, etc.)? Was the use of wire/syndicated copy limited (especially on pg. 1)? Was there evidence of sound news judgment?
  • Quality of writing and reporting
    Was the writing concise and the reporting thorough? Was writing free of opinion (with the exception of editorials or columns)? Was the copy edited for consistent style?
  • Leadership on the opinion page
    Did staff editorials, cartoons and letters supplement personal columns? Did the staff demonstrate sensitivity to controversial topics? Was the content of the editorial page consequential?
  • Evidence of in-depth reporting
    Did major stories show evidence of multiple sources? Are series or depth pieces prominent in entered issues?
  • Layout and design
    Was the look of the paper clean and contemporary? Was a consistent modular page makeup used throughout the publication? Did designers establish a clear visual hierarchy for readers?
  • Photography, art and graphics
    Did visuals enhance the verbal content and draw the reader in? Did visuals improve the reader’s understanding of the accompanying story? Were photos properly credited? Was the quality of photos and art technically excellent?

Winners will be announced at the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention in Chicago on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012.

Comments from all judging teams will be published on the ACP website after winners are announced in Chicago.

Please contact Grace Christiansen, ACP Contest and Critique Coordinator, with questions at